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I am now active again, sorry I have taken off a month off of tumblr because of depression & suicidal issues.


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Anonymous: people actually have PTSD which causes them to be incredibly triggered by something like self harm so please tag it


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alltherandomshitilove: dont listen to the anon dicks.

I’m not hAha

Anonymous: Wtf ignore that dickhead you're just fine baby, ugh twats twats everywhere :( xxx

I know :’(

Anonymous: You honestly do not hAVe to post pictures of your cuts. It's literally looking for attention from people. I understand what you're going through, but posting pictures of your cuts isnt going to help. It can be really triggering to some people.

k well I’m sorry it’s my blog.

hidden-ice: Hi. I just wanted to point out that while you may think you can't help self-harming, you can help posting pictures of your cuts. Your blog is your blog, I'm not trying to tell you what you can/can't post, but it's so extremely fucking disrespectful of you to ignore a polite request to tag them as triggering. I am sorry that you're struggling, but why would you want anyone to struggle like that, too? Please, give a trigger warning to your posts, for the love of fuck.

well sorry god I don’t need an attitude.

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darceytehdragon: You're getting so much hate hut tbh it's no one's business if you smoke or not and even if it was, it's your life so fuck them and you're so pretty so ignore what they're saying x

thanks xo

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Anonymous: you said that you speak spanish -.

no I didn’t. stfu

Anonymous: i know you're going through shit just please don't post pictures of new cuts it's very very triggering for some people :///

I’m sorry I just can’t help it.

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done with everything I can’t take this